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Since the electric and hybrid vehicle market is evolving rapidly, Vast-Auto Distribution has adopted a development strategy that will enable it to lay the foundations for success in this sector.

EV Vast represents our strategy, based on four major pillars, to position our entire organization as a leader in the electric and hybrid vehicle market. With this structure in place and a solid plan of action, we will ensure that we meet the growing demand of our customers in terms of:

Purchasing and Installation Service for Charging Stations

Electric Verified Mechanical Repair Shops Network

Release and Distribution of Specialized Parts to the Market

Ongoing Training Program through the Vast-Auto Academy and EV Skills

Purchase and installation
services of charging

In order to support our members and their customers, we have concluded a strategic agreement with an experienced partner in the field of charging stations.

BEQ Technology will support the parts stores and repair shops that are members of the Vast-Auto Distribution network, as well as their customers, through each of the following steps:

  1. Needs analysis
  2. Choice of the charging station and its location
  3. Quote for services
  4. Lease financing (if required)
  5. Installation and compliance
  6. Assistance in maximizing the amount of the government subsidy (up to 50% if applicable)
  7. After sales service

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of EV repair

The mission of the Electric Verified by EV Vast recognition program is to allow independent repair shop owners who participate in Vast-Auto Distribution’s banner programs to promote themselves as specialists in the maintenance and repair of electric and hybrid vehicles.

The members of this program benefit from exclusive advantages to distinguish themselves:

  • Distinctive brand image
  • National marketing campaign
  • Specialized EV training
  • Health and safety coaching
  • Purchase and financing structure for specialized EV tools and equipment
  • Purchasing and installation services for EV charging stations

Join the future with confidence.

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Stay up to date on news and developments related to our electric and hybrid vehicle services:

and marketing of
specialized parts

As a leader in the distribution and marketing of automotive parts, we strive to select and establish partnerships with the best manufacturers of specialized parts for electric and hybrid vehicles.

Visit our Net Value online catalog for the available inventory of specialized parts for electric and hybrid vehicles.

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Vast-Auto academy
and EV skills

Our specialized electric and hybrid vehicle training program is at the center of the EV Vast strategy.

Offered on an ongoing basis by the Vast-Auto Distribution Academy and in partnership with the Quebec government’s EV Skills training program, we offer training for technical advisors and technicians. The latter follow the training process established by the Conseil provincial des comités paritaires de l’industrie des services automobiles, using the self-assessment process upon registration.

The Academy’s Director of Training, Mr. Wilson Almeida, is also a master trainer for the EV Skills program. He thus ensures a high standard of quality in terms of the training offered under his direction, whether it is offered online or through practical work in the repair shop.

Join the future with confidence.

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