Aiming for a user-friendly technology
and an environmental conscience

Technological advances are a vital part of Vast-Auto Distribution. Over the years, the company has invested massively in developing management systems for our members and customers. All these efforts allow our members to devote their time to their area of expertise: auto repair and selling auto parts.

One of the goals of Vast-Auto Distribution is also to reduce the impact on the environment of all of its activities. Here’s why we are setting up a series of environmental measures and programs so that we can leave to our children a healthy world.

Constant support

Vast-Auto Distribution’s Technology Department offers in-house and external support and ensures that all systems are functional and optimized to meet the needs of our members and customers.

Towards a paper-free environment

Vast-Auto Distribution has developed electronic management solutions for their stores and service centres covering all areas, including simple automated supply chains and full computerized management systems; everything has been implemented to bring efficiency to stores and service centres.

Because of this technological conversion and of the support of Vast-Auto Distribution, members can create an in-house digital archiving system, reducing drastically the use of paper and aligning themselves perfectly with the company’s environmental policy.

Document archiving

Vast-Auto Distribution has developed a digital electronic archiving system for its customers.The system gives customers electronic access to all their invoices, statements of account, and credit status.

It is a cutting edge backup system that members can access via the Vast-Auto Distribution Extranet designed to give members access to information on promotions, news, and upcoming events.

Pro Motion is an electronic tool that displays suppliers’ promotions. A newsletter is published and broadcast regularly to announce specials offers from our suppliers.

Operating systems for service centres

For our service centres, we offer an operating system that provides applications for the installers of all our brands helping them with the presentation of quotes for parts and labour. This is an essential tool that allows users to improve the in-house management of service centres. Therefore, the process of order entry, invoicing, merchandise return, and inventory parts management is simplified, sparing a lot of paperwork to the service centres.

Operating systems for parts stores

There isn’t only the service centres that benefit from a cutting-edge operating system. The Auto Value Parts Stores and other affiliated stores also benefit from such system. The difference is that this one has different priorities: counter sales and inventory management.

Web hosting

Vast-Auto Distribution also offers a hosting service as an added value to all its technological systems. The service allows us to host our members’ individual databases on our physical servers. This hosting service allows members to minimize the risk of technical problems and data loss. All that is needed is a printer and an Internet connection to be connected to our servers. Security, Backups and Accessibility are our watchwords of order, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Inventory visibility

Keeping an exhaustive inventory is always crucial for Vast-Auto Distribution. As a result, the Technology Department has introduced the “MyPlace4Parts” system. This system creates a link between the installer and our entire distribution network, allowing service centres to always find the necessary auto parts and thus bolster their sales and provide customers the best service possible. The system aims at improving inventory visibility from the repair centre to the manufacturer. Thus, if the affiliated store does not have the required part in stock, our integrated system allows the store to view the merchandise available within the Vast-Auto Distribution extended network. To quickly and efficiently get the right part becomes child’s play for all the actors affiliated with our enterprise.